What is the shocking secret at the heart of We Were Liars?

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart is about a New England family who lives on their private island off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard for the summer. “No one is a criminal. No one is an addict. No one is a failure,” are three lies, the first of many, that the book presents. The narrator, Cadence Sinclair, describes her summer filled pain while being surrounded by her family’s addictions, deaths, and tragedies that affect everyone. Cadence is a girl who has been broken and has been trying to put the pieces of her life back together. The raw emotions that her family feels are covered up by their politeness. The secret that is revealed at the center of the book is more shocking than most readers could imagine.

After reading this book in 8th grade, I told all my friends about it and lent it to them. Each week in 8th grade, we had to read one book and then write an essay regarding our thoughts on the book as well as how we could relate to the characters. Every week, We Were Liars was always signed out at the library because one of my friends was reading it. We all really enjoyed this book because of the captivating story. This thrilling book is original and like no other. I quickly finished the book as I kept turning page after page way after my bedtime. Knowing the ending of the book makes you want to tell everyone but seeing their faces after reading it is an even better feeling. If you are into a quick novel that still has a great story, I highly recommend this book.

You can search for We Were Liars on the BCCLS catalog at the Hoboken Public Library.

Written by: Bianca Pino. Bianca recently graduated from the Norte Dame School of Manhattan. She is a life-long user of the Hoboken Public Library and enjoys creating art, playing soccer, and watching movies in her free time.

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