A Powerful YA Biography About Overcoming Trauma

Moving halfway across the world was hard enough as Chessy Prout, a freshman at boarding school, experienced one of the most intruding actions on the human body, sexual assault. I was inspired to write about I Have The Right To after reading it in school and having Chessy Prout come and speak to my classmates and I about her experience. This book includes difficult content but it motivated many people around the country to understand what consent really means. Because of Chessy’s young age, it helps young adults and teens to connect with her. In the memoir, Prout describes her childhood growing up in Japan doing the same activities that I remember doing such as riding my scooter and playing Just Dance on the Wii. I enjoyed the story because it was non-fiction and because it was from her point of view.

Now at Barnard, Chessy was able to come to my school and I was able to get my book signed. I admired her strength and bravery while going through the legal process. After a victory over her perpetrator, she still must live with this awful experience.  Although this is a memoir about a horrific event, it looks at schools and institutions that turn a “blind eye” to such behavior and how society (most of the time) blames the victim rather than the perpetrator. Learning about her tough experience and how brave she was to report her assault made me unable to put the book down. Prepare yourself to be inspired by Chessy and her story of survival, advocacy, and hope after facing tremendous trauma.

I Have The Right To by Chessy Prout is available on the BCCLS Catalog.

Written by: Bianca Pino. Bianca recently graduated from the Norte Dame School of Manhattan. She is a life-long user of the Hoboken Public Library and enjoys creating art, playing soccer, and watching movies in her free time.

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